Jodie Fusetti, Event Manager

Celebration of Luck

Folk legend claims that rain on a bride’s wedding day represents luck in the celebration of that love. Prepare to help your guests stay focused on the beauty of the day. This package includes event staff providing a white umbrella to every couple in attendance upon parking. The umbrellas can be used to form a bridal rain walk that offers wonderful photo opportunities.

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Jodie Fall Sweetheart table

Ceremony Coordination

Weddings take much more coordination than a venue can offer with the complexity to keep a day as beautiful as the bride. To offer the attention to detail you may request, event manager services are provided to manage your entire day or just your ceremony

Welcome Concierge

Make sure your wedding day is an event that begins on time and stays organized throughout your celebration.

Gazebo Evening

Bridal Shower Decorating

Celebration starts long before your wedding day. The bridal shower sets the tone for the fun and support shared with family & friends. A wonderful shower prepares everyone for a wonderful wedding day and a wonderful start to a new life of love together.

This service option allows you to host your bridal shower at the B&B walk in ready!! Service includes rental seasonal centerpieces and decorations but does not include the price of the B&B itself. Brides are responsible for providing photos & frames as desired.

This time saving service lets you set the ambiance, organize your day, and share your thanks.